Six Months Without a Blog Post

Oh dear. I really need to get back in the habit.

Anything you’d like me to write about?

I’ve posted a few things [over on the Kwartzlab blog]( if you’d like to see what I’ve been up to there. I’m just wrapping up my term as president and will continue on as a mere director (well, and board chair) starting in July.

What have you been up to, dear readers?

Easter Bullets

I thought maybe [Twitter]( may have obviated my need for [bullet posts](, but I like writing them, so you may just have to keep putting up with them. It’s lazy writing, but sometimes I have stuff to say and can’t be bothered to compose paragraphs. Sorry.

* **Happy Easter**!
* A co-worker is one of the minds behind [Zombie Jesus Day]( **Happy Zombie Jesus Day**!
* I actually went to **church** this morning. The pews were pretty empty for the early, which was kind of sad, but apparently they were serving a free breakfast at the same time, which might have accounted for the lower attendance. There seemed to be a much more respectable number of people showing up for the second service.
* They had a “Used with permission” notice of **copyright** license for bits of hymns printed in the bulletin. I was a little put out by this, mostly because at least one of the hymns in question was about 130 years old.
* Easter **chocolate** count: 2 fund raising chocolate eggs from the church (it’s traditional… they’re very sweet), 4 truffles from [The Village Chocolatier]( in Bloomfield and a bunch of low-grade foil wrapped eggs that I had to eat so my mother wouldn’t.
* The sacrifices I make…
* No actual **bunnies**, tho.
* Just finished watching the **Doctor Who** Easter Special, [Planet of the Dead]( Lots of fun. A bit silly. I enjoyed it.
* On the way into Belleville, I took to listening [**Brotherhood of the Daleks**](, featuring a blue coated Sixth Doctor and [[wiki:Charley Pollard]]. In an interview on the disc, writer Alan Barnes describes the writing of the episode thus:

> [[wiki:Terry Nation]], whenever he was going to do a new Dalek story, there’d always be some basic gimmick to the Daleks, where they’d have something new or had something taken away. I literally wrote down a list of mad ideas, one of which was they turn into communist, one of which was they’re high on drugs, and one of which was they think they’re [[wiki:Thals]], and I ended up doing all of them.

Indeed. I thought it was fantastic. :D
* There’s a series of [**Red Dwarf Specials**]( I stopped watching Red Dwarf sometime around season 7, but I’ll give these a shot for old time’s sake.
* They came out with another [firmware update]( for my **[[wiki:Sansa Fuze]]**, adding directory browsing support. I bought one after they released a firmware update with [[wiki:Ogg Vorbis]] support. With those, it catches up with [Rockbox]( in terms of functionality, and I don’t have to feel bad about my Sansa e200s dying.
* Now all I need is them to add a feature that shows me which podcasts I haven’t listened to and it would be my ideal player.
* I’ve been (so far indirectly) getting involved in Kitchener-Waterloo’s nascent [**hackerspace**]( Actually, I think I’ll save that for its own post…
* I should probably start packing and head back to Waterloo soon.

WWBA and stuff

My poor, neglected blog.

Don’t have time for a proper update, but for ages I’ve been meaning to point out that I’m now a contributor to the [Waterloo Wellington Bloggers’ Association]( group blog. I haven’t figured out how or if I’m going to do cross-posts, but I’ve posted a few things about local stuff.

I’ve also been using Twitter a lot more lately, so [you can read that if you want more of an insight into what’s going on in my head at any given moment](…

We’re back

I should leave a quick note to acknowledge that yes, the blog is back. I don’t have time right now to write anything more substantial than that. I managed to kill another motherboard. Somehow. I’m a little bit annoyed that this motherboard wasn’t a crappy old one I got for free. It was supposed to be driving my home theatre PC, one I got around to setting that up. I’ll have to somehow work that set-back into the plans.

I mentioned over on my livejournal during the downtime that I have a whole bunch of things queued up to write about. Still haven’t found the time to write about them. But here’s the list anyway:

* My new old stereo (in short, it’s awesome).
* My back (I have a lot of tension, apparently).
* The gym (I’m actually going).
* Mould (My bedroom window got kinda mouldy).
* Home renovation work (I may be getting a little ahead of myself…).
* The Doctor Who RPG (Anybody want to play?).
* Regular gaming (it’s back! And it starts today).
* Another stupid Facebook post (I probably shouldn’t bother).
* My new laptop (I got it! Despite power management weirdness, I’m very happy).
* Torchwood (I should watch the first episode first).
* Nodame Cantibile (really cute anime I started watching).
* etc.

So yes, I’m back. A real update should happen soon. Ish. Soon-ish. When I have time.

NaBloPoMo 2007 Final Status: Fail

I was doing pretty well up until the last week too…

Ah well, maybe next year. Actually, I kinda want to try WriMo again next year. We’ll see what’s going on with stuff, I guess.

What it came down to, basically, was the stuff I was spending most of my time thinking about is stuff I’m very reluctant to post out in public like this, and the stuff that I could post about was losing out on processing time to the other stuff. The goal, however, was to get myself to write even when I didn’t feel like writing, so that excuse doesn’t really wash.

Ah well.

I was enjoying it while I was doing it, though. I’ve still got a few posts I wanted to write but never did. There’s also that whole unresolved laptop thing that is just as unresolved for me, too. And I never told you what happened when I went to the gym. I’ll save telling those stories for when they have satisfying conclusions.

For now, though, I am tired and should go to bed.