I’m a software developer with considerable experience building and shipping software products and building services. I have many years experience working in object-oriented technologies such as C#, Java and C++ and am a dab hand at writing code in C, PHP, Python and other things as well. Specific technologies are fine, mind you, but what’s really important is that I’ve accumulated experience and understanding of a wide variety of concepts and ideas and can easily translate that into whatever new technology I come across.

I take great pleasure in understanding systems and technologies, and I’m at my best bring that ever-deeper understanding to solving tough problems on time and with quality code.

Right now, I’m looking for a position which aligns with my interests and career goals, in a software developer role. Many of my recent projects involved user interface design and I’d very much like to pursue that further. At the very least, I derive the most satisfaction from delivering products that are used by people, and my ability to see the world through a user’s eyes makes me ideally suited for working on user-facing technologies. I would also like to continue on in an application software design role, with an eye to transitioning to a software architect position, or one with similar responsibilities in the future.

If you’re interested, please feel free to look over my resume:

* [Darcy Casselman’s resume]( (Open Document format)
* [Darcy Casselman’s resume]( (PDF format)