NaBloPoMo 2007 Final Status: Fail

I was doing pretty well up until the last week too…

Ah well, maybe next year. Actually, I kinda want to try WriMo again next year. We’ll see what’s going on with stuff, I guess.

What it came down to, basically, was the stuff I was spending most of my time thinking about is stuff I’m very reluctant to post out in public like this, and the stuff that I could post about was losing out on processing time to the other stuff. The goal, however, was to get myself to write even when I didn’t feel like writing, so that excuse doesn’t really wash.

Ah well.

I was enjoying it while I was doing it, though. I’ve still got a few posts I wanted to write but never did. There’s also that whole unresolved laptop thing that is just as unresolved for me, too. And I never told you what happened when I went to the gym. I’ll save telling those stories for when they have satisfying conclusions.

For now, though, I am tired and should go to bed.

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo 2007 Final Status: Fail”

  1. I thought all these NaXMo things were about the effort, not the results?

    If that’s the case, failure isn’t an option, is it?

    In any event, I enjoyed reading what was posted.

    At any rate, congrats and keep it at all up — the blog, the gym, and even the laptop review!

  2. Oh, you can definitely fail.

    The point is to make the effort and produce something… anything. It’s to disregard aspirations towards quality and generate output.

    So I failed. But that’s okay. I’m still awesome.

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