We’re back

I should leave a quick note to acknowledge that yes, the blog is back. I don’t have time right now to write anything more substantial than that. I managed to kill another motherboard. Somehow. I’m a little bit annoyed that this motherboard wasn’t a crappy old one I got for free. It was supposed to be driving my home theatre PC, one I got around to setting that up. I’ll have to somehow work that set-back into the plans.

I mentioned over on my livejournal during the downtime that I have a whole bunch of things queued up to write about. Still haven’t found the time to write about them. But here’s the list anyway:

* My new old stereo (in short, it’s awesome).
* My back (I have a lot of tension, apparently).
* The gym (I’m actually going).
* Mould (My bedroom window got kinda mouldy).
* Home renovation work (I may be getting a little ahead of myself…).
* The Doctor Who RPG (Anybody want to play?).
* Regular gaming (it’s back! And it starts today).
* Another stupid Facebook post (I probably shouldn’t bother).
* My new laptop (I got it! Despite power management weirdness, I’m very happy).
* Torchwood (I should watch the first episode first).
* Nodame Cantibile (really cute anime I started watching).
* etc.

So yes, I’m back. A real update should happen soon. Ish. Soon-ish. When I have time.

2 thoughts on “We’re back”

  1. Fresh from the US campaign trail:

    “Q: Dave, the guy from North Dakota that is complaining about the cold, I’ll bet he does not see any squirrels outside either. Is extreme cold and no squirrels worth the trade-off?
    Gus, Worthington, MN 1/20/08

    A: So you’re saying squirrels cause global warming? I KNEW it.
    Dave Barry 1/22/08″

    Definitely, Dave Barry for president! But, if he wins, I’d recommend you consider morphing into, say, flying chinchilla or something. Because it seems Mr. Barry isn’t too keen on squirrels. And it would be unhappy for there to be a Canadian/US incident involving blogs, squirrels, and global warming. The ongoing squabble about hockey is bad enough! Never mind the Don Cherry incident…

    Missed you! Welcome back!

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