New Year’s Eve

I’m throwing my usual New Year’s party tonight. I still have to vaccuum the living room, but I think I’m mostly ready at this point.

I’ve got three screens set up for video games or watching stuff, two tables set up for video games, and a couple more old Commodore monitors and an extra table available for overflow. I’ve got my nacho dip chilling in the fridge and meatballs simmering in the crock pot. The house is cleaner than it’s been all year (I actually ended up cleaning up some stuff left sitting around from last year’s party), I’m resplendent in holiday finery (heh) and I think everything’s ready to go. I just have to pick people up coming from out of town, rent some Wii games and wait for people to arrive.

I hope I have enough chairs.

Even though I’m not really a party person per se, I really like hosting these things. I get to show off a bit, and it gives me something to do. I do wish Ellen could come, but I’m glad to be surrounded by friends at New Year’s.

3 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve”

  1. A party? How splendid! I should drop by, yes? heh…

    Too bad about Ellen. My condolences. Maybe next year? I spent my own evening with my beau, but he had his 9 yr old (my teen spent the evening with her own friends, thank goodness–she’d have been bored and snarky otherwise, blah), and she (the 9 yr old) rather jealously interposed herself between us most of the night. Plus, he’s not exactly a night person, and fell asleep during the movie (rated G for the kid, but kinda cute anyway), and then again when we migrated out of his “theatre” room and to a TV to watch the Times Square stuff. He did sort of rouse himself when the ball actually dropped. Kind of. So mostly it was the kid & I “celebrating” the new year. Sigh It is the thought, I suppose…

    Happy New Year, Squirrel! :)

  2. Golly. 23rd out of a possible 25. I guess it’s an honour just to be nominated…

    I suppose it is kinda impressive. Not too long ago, you had lists like this which listed things like Mork and Mindy* but Doctor Who was nowhere to be seen.

    (*okay, I made that up).

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