The gym

I haven’t been having much luck convincing myself to get to the gym.

I’ve gone a few times, but I’ve never managed to work it into a routine, or get over the feeling of anxiety and dread every time I think about going in there. So it hasn’t worked out so well.

I’ve been thinking that I should sign up for a personal trainer, on the theory that if I have an appointment to make, I’m more likely to make it, and also if someone actually gives me some idea what the hell I’m supposed to do in a gym, I might have an easier time seeing myself going.

I’ve been procrastinating on that for an awfully long time, though. A significant part of me envisions dealing with a personal trainer to be incredibly awkward and unfun.

Much cheaper and less awkward than a personal trainer is [this little key fob thing]( that they have. Computers. That’s more my speed. I signed up for an orientation session for the things. Maybe that will give me some idea about what to do next.

I was supposed to go tonight, but they had some meeting or something so I moved it out to Wednesday. Which is fine. I had better things to do anyway.

2 thoughts on “The gym”

  1. Best of luck, Squirrel! And I do mean that sincerely. I speak as one who joined a gym last June…I haven’t been since late July! So I’ve got both Pluto & Jupiter in my 6th house making waves to be healthy, but my motivation just dribbled right out of me somewhere during the summer. sigh Such a waste of money, the fees come out of my checking automatically the 1st of each month… It was rather fun doing a yoga class, tho’–I discovered that I can stand on my hands with my arms bent and my knees propped up on my elbows! I’ve no idea what that position is called…but I figure that’s a pretty cool move for an old broad like me! heh.

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