Doctor Who’s 44th

I don’t want to fall any more behind, so I’d better post…

Today is (or was, I suppose) Doctor Who’s 44th anniversary.

In my plan for how this whole NaBloPoMo thing was going to work, I had it set out that I’d write a wonderfully reminiscent post about Doctor Who in my life and why it’s totally the best show ever. And I think i could pull it off. I just don’t feel like writing that post tonight.

At least in part, it’s because Verity Lambert died yesterday. Verity Lambert was Doctor Who’s first producer.

She, along with Canadian Sydney Newman set out what Doctor Who would be. She was perhaps as much responsible for the Daleks as Terry Nation was. Sydney Newman wanted Doctor Who to be a show that taught kids about science and history in an entertaining way, but with no bug-eyed monsters whatsoever. Verity Lambert, however, knew nothing about science, so instead commissioned a story about mutant monsters surviving a nuclear war.

There’s a line in the Season 3 episode “Human Nature” where the Doctor, as the human named John Smith, mentions his parents “Sydney and Verity”.

I want to write more, but I’m fighting to stay awake. I have people over and we’re going to have a Doctor Who party tomorrow. I am very happy about that, but right now, I need some rest.

One thought on “Doctor Who’s 44th”

  1. Despite the somewhat somber circumstances, it’s still a day for celebration (past, present and future!).

    Have a jelly baby on my behalf (or these days, maybe just a celery stick)…

    (Man, 44 years weirds me out, even if I wasn’t around for beginning of the whole thing… )

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