Anime North 2009

You know, I think [twitter]( has alleviated my desire to do convention liveblogging. Sorry. The Internet connection in the hotel here kind of sucks, which isn’t helping.

I’ve also finally discovered the conditions under which Twitter is really useful:

* SMS updates (just re-enabled in Soviet Canuckistan this week)
* An event where lots of other Twitter users you know are at
* Said users being willing to update with things like “I’m at _____!” so I can find them if I want to.

I’m starting to see the value here…

Some AN bullets:

* Stayed up too late last night trying to find a 24 hour grocery store to stalk up on half-decent breakfast food. There’s gotta be one closer than the Metro at Sheppard and Bathurst.
* I’m having shoe issues, since my shoes died and I haven’t broken new ones in. Gonna see if Vibram Five-fingers will let me stand on concrete all day.

More content gold like this will be posted on Twitter!

Barely Have Time for Bullets

* I was thinking about running off to the [Kitchener-Waterloo Social Media Meet-up]( tonight, and then I realized I haven’t updated my blog in weeks. Some social media dude I am.
* But! I’ve been busy. I had a bunch of people over to my house on Sunday for a Victoria Day Garden Party, and that was pretty awesome. With tea and everything! It wasn’t nearly as organized as I wanted it to be, but I think people enjoyed themselves.
* Yesterday, I went to the Communitech Agile group’s [Test-Driven Development Coding Dojo]( and was actually convinced to get on the keyboard. Good discussion followed, including a [book recommendation](
* This weekend is [Anime North](, but I’ll be posting about that from the con, probably.
* I’ve started playing in a [Pathfinder]( game. It’s like D&D for people who don’t want to upgrade from 3.5e to 4th. I haven’t played since 2nd ed., so I’m indifferent to that particular religious battle, but I get to run around in dungeons with my gnome sorcerer and that’s all that matters.
* I’m currently contemplating gardening. I have some issues with my current landscaping setup, so I’m thinking about ways to make it better. If only I could find a free weekend…
* Each one of the above probably deserves its own post, honestly.
* Oops, doesn’t look like #[kwsmm]( is going to work out for me tonight. Maybe I have some free time after all…