Barely Have Time for Bullets

  • I was thinking about running off to the Kitchener-Waterloo Social Media Meet-up tonight, and then I realized I haven’t updated my blog in weeks. Some social media dude I am.
  • But! I’ve been busy. I had a bunch of people over to my house on Sunday for a Victoria Day Garden Party, and that was pretty awesome. With tea and everything! It wasn’t nearly as organized as I wanted it to be, but I think people enjoyed themselves.
  • Yesterday, I went to the Communitech Agile group’s Test-Driven Development Coding Dojo and was actually convinced to get on the keyboard. Good discussion followed, including a book recommendation.
  • This weekend is Anime North, but I’ll be posting about that from the con, probably.
  • I’ve started playing in a Pathfinder game. It’s like D&D for people who don’t want to upgrade from 3.5e to 4th. I haven’t played since 2nd ed., so I’m indifferent to that particular religious battle, but I get to run around in dungeons with my gnome sorcerer and that’s all that matters.
  • I’m currently contemplating gardening. I have some issues with my current landscaping setup, so I’m thinking about ways to make it better. If only I could find a free weekend…
  • Each one of the above probably deserves its own post, honestly.
  • Oops, doesn’t look like #kwsmm is going to work out for me tonight. Maybe I have some free time after all…