World’s Greatest Detective

(This isn’t really a spoiler:) The Dark Knight has a useless, throw-away scene where Batman extracts a brick from a wall with a bullet-hole in it, takes it back to his Bat Lab and does a bunch of ridiculous CSI bullshit where he re-assembles the shattered bullet with computer imagery so he can glean a fingerprint from when the shooter pushed the round into the clip.

This is a stupid waste of time, of course, but then I thought about it and realized that it *is* one of the few things in any of the Batman movies that establishes Batman as “[The World’s Greatest Detective](” ‘Cuz mostly he just punches people.

It got me wondering, though, if Batman had any serious competitors for World’s Greatest Detective nowadays. So I went on Google and came up with a list:

* Sherlock Holmes (of course, although he might be disqualified by being dead).
* Batman
* L from [Death Note](

Those three win pretty handily in the Google estimation. There are some other contenders for the title:

* Inspector Clouseau (surely this is debatable).
* Hercule Poirot
* [Daryl Zero](
* [Detective Conan](
* [Elvis Cole](
* Dick Tracy
* [Sherlock Hemlock]( :D
* [Shamrock Bones](
* [Herlock Sholmes]( (although Ellen says Arsene Lupin was a pretty good detective himself…)
* Nero Wolf
* [Supersleuth®](
* [Big Max](
* [Jay J Armes](

…and I could go on…

2 thoughts on “World’s Greatest Detective”

  1. Batman is supposed to be a detective? I thought he was just a moody rich guy, who liked to dress up in tights and chase after other people with really bad fashion sense.

    He does have really cool tech toys, tho’…

  2. Apparently. I suppose if you’re going to be in Detective Comics, you have to be at least nominally a detective. How he got to be “world’s greatest detective,” I have no idea…

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