My poor, neglected blog

I’ve got four or five drafts saved where I started writing something but never got around to finishing and posting. I should focus on trying to post more, shorter things, trying to avoid indulging my tendencies to ramble, because then I just lose interest and wander off. Anyway, I’m starting again, so I’d better just resort to bullets.

* My sister got married a couple weeks ago. One of the drafts was all about that. Ellen and I took some [pictures]( It was lovely, and I think I’ll leave it at that, lest I start rambling.
* I’m sad that [Dell Canada isn’t shipping the Inspiron Mini with Ubuntu](
* I have [way too many Doctor Who toys]( I’ve been on a bit of a binge since Polaris, and I think I may be able to start cutting back now. Having to find places to put things is a good way to discourage hording instincts.
* Tomatoes! My garden managed to produce lots. We went to a heritage plant sale, and I got some Super Sweets (which produced lots), some Amish Paste (which I’m freezing for sauce) and a mystery tomato (which I think was a [Pink Brandywine](, but I only got one decent tomato out of it… weird slimy things got the few other promising tomatoes before I could. I did get a couple really good BLTs out of the one, though).
* Gonna sow some grass seed today. Looks like it’s gonna rain a lot this week.
* I’ve been working late a lot lately. I’ve got a hard deadline to make, and we’re pulling back the scope quite a bit, but it’s still going to be a challenge to get something that works and works well by the end of the year, even if it doesn’t sing and dance as much as we’d hoped it would. This is a bummer, but it’s kinda part of the job. I had to sacrifice a couple vacation days, which I’m not horrendously pleased about.
* I’d go into details, but you know… work stuff. And that would be rambling.
* I started going to the gym a while ago with Holly and Stela. It’s not quite as structured as the old gym routine, but it’s more fun to go with people. This gym is quite a bit cheaper, too.
* We finally (finally!) got a [Spirit of the Century]( game off the ground. I ran three sessions comprising an adventure before handing GM duties off to Eric. That’ll give me a chance to come up with something else (and play a bit too, since I do like playing more than GMing). Fantastic game, and minimal prep required, which is good, since I don’t have many hours to plot out adventures.
* I visited with Matt when I was home for the wedding and he gave me a big stack of RPG books to look through. Still haven’t spent much time with them. Not that I’m actively *looking* for game systems, but having run a moderately successful game gives me delusions that I might be able to pull off other games. This is sure to be folly.
* I still haven’t said a lot about switching to Ubuntu, have I? I think that might be one of the drafts.
* I also have to do a post about MP3 players sometime.
* I really need to clean this place up.
* I’ve been biking a lot more too. I ended up more or less repeating my [adventure]( from seven years ago, and discovered that the Grand River Trail is still really annoying to bike on, even if it is a bit more finished. I was going to go for a ride this morning, but ended up wasting time around the house. Which is good too. I could use the downtime.
* [Kittyhawk]( is releasing all of her comics on a convenient USB key. Including The Jar, which was the best comic ever and has been sadly absent from the Internets. I bought one. I think what sold me was the “Amiga support coming Fall 1992!” line on the packaging.
* How many bullets are we up to? 16?
* It’s been a while…
* Ellen is awesome. I just wanted to say that.
* I bought new glasses. First time in almost 10 years. Hopefully my eye care coverage will help lessen the sting a bit. Still! I’ve desperately needed new glasses for a while, so this is a good thing. My old glasses are being held together with a bit of string.
* I have a bunch of new podcasts I’m listening too. I should post about them too.
* [I’m on Twitter]( now, posting far more frequently than I’m posting here. I really want to get that script together that posts all the stuff I post here.
* I’m on Facebook too, but whatever.
* After various hardware failures earlier this year, I’m finally getting my office back in working order so that maybe I can work from home or something. I bought a nice 24″ widescreen monitor, which is pretty awesome. Next big thing is probably going to be a decent chair. There’s [a local company]( that sells Herman Miller chairs, and I might have to go check out their show room. All the chairs I own kinda suck. Particularly with my persistent ice-related back issues.
* Happy Birthday, Holly. :D
* 25 bullets? That might be a record. I think I’d probably better stop. Nobody’s gonna read much more than this anyway.

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  1. If you’re thinking about getting a Herman Miller chair I would totally suggest it. I would also suggest an “Aeron” chair. They are supposed to be one of the best. I went to a showroom by my work and got the best deal on one. They have a website too, its I want to say. But they ship for free and have tons of chairs to choose from.

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