Deep-fried squash chips are surprisingly good. A little bit of salt and it’s wonderful. Even with a bit of the stringy inside bits… That stuff crisps up really nicely.

I’ve never been a big fan of squash, but I probably didn’t have the right sort of experiences. Not like a squash-tasting party.

I really liked the Delicata squash. The Butternut squash was really good as well. Buttercup squash, I wasn’t quite as fond of, although I admit is was better steamed than baked.

Baked squash seeds were nice as well. Again, the Delicata wins out. They had a surprising sweetness to them.

And you know, puréed butternut squash with maple syrup and blueberries makes a really nice dessert. I’d never have guessed.

4 thoughts on “Squash”

  1. Meant to post this earlier today, but had a Mac moment (stupid keystrokes!).

    In any event, was this a public squash thing? Any online presence?

    I ask because Robin has recently decided that squash isn’t half bad (much as I did just a few years back). With that being the case, I could Google, but where’s the fun in that? :-)

    [Besides, something to link to for her would be cool. I’ll foward the post at any rate.]

  2. It’s just something Ellen and a friend decided to do.

    There’s no link or anything, but I did find a squash site that helped me spell “Delicata.” It was kinda late to go hunting around for Wikipedia links like I’d normally do.

  3. Squash? I love squash! Mmmmm….

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too, Squirrel! Only, y’all celebrated that already, didn’t you? You’re smart enough not to wait until it is freezing cold out…


  4. Thanks!

    Now Robin wants to try butternut squash.

    (I wonder how popular squash is these days…)

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