What am I doing here?

I [had cause](http://www.ctrl-a.org/viewtopic.php?p=936#936&sid=5f310184fd9e61410cacc42c8735e1ea) to go flipping through the archives of my [old blog](http://www.flyingsquirrel.ca/). It kinda got me thinking about what I’m trying to do with the new one.

With this blog, I’d wanted to start producing what I’d hoped would be my public face to the world. This would (theoretically) be the first thing people would find when they put my name in Google. Reading it, they might get a sliver of insight into who I am. Maybe, just maybe, people would read something I wrote and think it worth linking and commenting on. Not that I’m interested in going out of my way to get links, just that it’s kinda gratifying when somebody else thinks I’ve written something noteworthy.

Astute readers (if I have any) might notice, however, that posting frequency has been decidedly low.

Well, lower than I wanted it to be (not that even astute readers would know how frequent that would be).

There are a couple reasons for this. The most important being that I haven’t actually been home very much lately. This presents a problem for blog composition. I don’t think I need to spell it out for you.

The second is that I think I might have set the bar a bit high for myself. Reading through the old blog posts, sure, I wasn’t posting that frequently, but there was a lot of good stuff there. A lot of pointless stuff too, but it’s a blog. These things can’t be helped.

I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do with this thing, but one thing I think I do want to do is post more for myself. I want to post little observations about the world around me. I want to post things that will remind me of who I was, what I was doing and what I was thinking about when I look back from some unknowable vantage point in the future.

If other people want to read over my shoulder, they’re welcome to.

3 thoughts on “What am I doing here?”

  1. Knowing you as someone who has always seen the world a little differently, I say blog on! I still giggle when I remember writer’s craft class, and you with no ideas, writing “fish fish fish fish fish fish fish….” We only knew about it because Mrs. Sutton read it out to the class! Ha! She was great.

  2. I think my point, because it doesn’t look like I made one, is that you’re even interesting when you don’t know what to write. So I think people will be willing to follow you there, wherever.

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