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Oh god, kill me now.

I just spent two hours parking on the 401. I don't even know why.

I was actually doing pretty well, too. The radio said there was some horrible pile-up around Bowmanville and I deftly avoided that mess by taking Taunton Rd to Hwy 35/115 after the 407 ended. The weather was crappy, but I was making good time, considering the detour. I stopped for supper and to phone home to give an ETA at Port Hope. The temperature was dropping and the salters were on the road, so I figured I'd give them a chance to do their job. No problem.

I get back on the 401 and traffic is pretty good for a bit. Then it just stops. No warning, no slow-down, it just stops dead about ten minutes before I would have hit Grafton. And doesn't move. At all. For two hours.

I got a few rounds of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance in. I would have been fine if I didn't have to go to the bathroom.

When things finally started moving again, I took the next exit off and drove to Belleville on Hwy 2. The Tim Hortons in Trenton was all abuzz with speculation, but nobody knew anything. There are no traffic reports at 11pm.

What a perfectly crappy end to a crappy day. My laptop came in this afternoon sometime, but I didn't get the call until after they closed. I was hoping I'd be able to play with it this weekend.


db writes:

so, like, does this mean that you've had a chance to get your new 'puter my now? what with no new postings and all, that must mean that you've been busy having fun with it, right?

Submitted 2003-11-17 12:28:32

flying squirrel writes:


(This comment was posted on a Mac :)

Submitted 2003-11-17 15:07:07

matt writes:


The weird thing is, I was just thinking about him the other day.

Anyhow, congrats on the Mac thing! How's it going??? We all want to hear about it you know!

Submitted 2003-11-21 10:41:43

flying squirrel writes:

I heard about it and said "Who?"

Then I looked him up on IMDb and said "Who?"

And then I realized... Hey, that annoying SeaQuest kid! Which probably isn't the greatest epitaph. I know people who really liked him, so I'll probably just stay out of it.

Oh, the Mac's cool. I'm posting from a CTRL-A show at UW now. It's nifty.

Submitted 2003-11-21 13:15:59

matt writes:


Very cool!

So now you've got a machine and you're mobile!

Well, hope it's a fancy looking machine (since you haven't seen fit to post pictures or even tell us the colour... it is one of the ones that comes in colours right?).

Time to hang out and use it as a chick magnet. The local bookstore (a Chapters with a coffee bar), the laundomat... hmm... maybe even a CTRL-A show. :-)

Got any thoughts on StarTeam?
(Obviously it's inferior, but how so? :-) )

Submitted 2003-11-21 14:37:44

matt writes:

Oh yeah...

Too bad about the SeaQuest kid.

Not to drone on about it, just didn't want the jubilous tone of the last post to completely ignore him...

Submitted 2003-11-21 14:39:21

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