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Okay, so the novel thing didn't go so well. Yeah, whatever. I got myself depressed over what I was writing about and haven't since been able to bring myself to get back to it. And work never let up like it was supposed to and I had more fun things to do with my time. It was also a bit disheartening that the local writers' group (such as it is) decided to have their meetings 10am on Tuesdays.

In the intervening time, though, I did manage to finish my book, do some exceedingly clever things at work (which almost made up for the really frustrating parts), rediscovered the joys of hotpot, saw the Matrix which I didn't think was nearly as bad as the whiny dorks would have us believe (not that I was ever expecting much) and bought an iBook. Which hasn't come in yet. So overall, I'm still rather pleased.

I'm heading back to Belleville tomorrow night. I'm a little nervous about the weather. There's a full-on ice storm out there at the moment. It's not as bad as this morning, I suppose.

I woke up around 4 this morning to the sound of the fire alarm letting us know the power was off again. The power came on a while later and I was thinking that I had a very good excuse to come into work late. Later than usual, even. But then the power went out again around 7:30 and, with the stupid fire alarm, there wasn't any way I was going to be able to stay in bed and sane at the same time. Work had power, although it flickered a little every once in a while. Just as well I forgot to bring the GBA in then.

But then I had to sit through a very painful five hours of meetings. That did not make me happy. I actually got some work done while I was ignoring the meeting because we were in the training room and it has computers set up. Not much work, mind you. It was still a meeting. Productivity is strictly verboten. So I played Rocket Mania for a bit and made fun of other people with the QA person next to me. I can be decidedly unprofessional when I'm incredibly bored.


matt writes:

Hey, sorry to hear about the novel.

But why throw in the towel??? November isn't over yet (it was an all of November thing wasn't it?).

Sure you might have hit a sticking point, but that's all part of it. Pick up in another spot and then mesh the two together. The farther apart the storylines, the better! :-)

Anyhow, good to hear about the iBook! When you get it you'll have to post some pictures! :-)

Have fun in Belleville. If you get a free moment, give me a ring. I should be able to sort some time out (Robin works weekends, which means we can schedule around that... or... if we do it right, Thomas might not mind a trip out and about for a bit :-).

Submitted 2003-11-14 12:14:17

SideKick writes:

I feel for you about the whole novel thing.
I'm only 18000 words behind where I should be at this point, and it's not looking great ^_^
Personally, I have a feeling that I won't hit the 50k mark, but I'll keep up some writing till the end of the month.
I had to make a decision Saturday morning(round about 3am) that I would stop what I was writing and take it in a new direction.
Maybe that's all you need.

The other part is in the beginning, I was so gung-ho about the wole thing, then I took a day off to see the Matrix, then another day off, then I thought I'd catch up on my vacation, and well, ya know.

But now that you have the idea, think about it a little longer, write some random stuff down, doesn't have to be coherent, maybe just outline stuff, and see where that goes. Ya never know, maybe you'll get a burst of inspiration and go with it.

I'm hopeing that's what happens to me ^_^

Submitted 2003-11-17 03:05:22

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