YouTube Channels I’ve Discovered Via My Two-Year-Old

Look. I’m well aware of Raffi’s admonitions about screentime. Sometimes you need to distract a kid long enough to get things done. We can’t all be perfect parents, okay?

The little guy’s relationship with YouTube has evolved quite a bit over his short existence to date. We started off in the YouTube Kids ghetto, with your Sesame Streets and your Teletubbies and your Cocomelons and your holy trinity of Ms Rachel, Blippi and Meekah. YouTube Kids, tho, is a terrible interface. And as he’s started to develop interests beyond nursery rhymes and alphabets that YouTube Kids was wholly uninterested in satisfying.

I’ve made a channel for him under my account, so he can have his own subscriptions and playlists and history. That is to say, so that I can have that for him. I’m calling the shots here, although his interests and preferences are asserting themselves more and more.

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