Christmas Mixtape 2023

Here we are, in the bleak midwinter. What better time than now to put on some fun music while we crank up the IR heater to take the chill off.

Cover image by DaPuglet (Tina) Santas Secret Weapon used under it’s Creative Commons license. CC-BY-SA.

The Christmas Mixtape is back for its seventh incarnation. It’s up on Youtube Music and on Mixcloud. And Mixcloud gives me a handy little widget so you don’t even have to leave the page to listen:

I’m also going to dump Youtube music videos of the songs where I can find them. They’re not necessarily the same version, but given that I’ve listened to these dozens of times already, it’s kinda cool to see visual interpretations…

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Quarantine Diary, Day 632: Christmas Mixtape 2021

Another pandemic Christmas and my fifth annual Christmas mixtape!

Or a Youtube Music playlist if that works better for you… Note the first track is missing since it doesn’t appear to exist on the Internet anymore.

We went a little jazzy this year. A little mellow. It’s been an eventful year, but right now I’m happy to stay home and make some cocoa and listen to some music. Liner notes after the jump.

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