Falling down

So I left for work this morning, intending to walk to work as usual, braving uncleared sidewalks and bitter winds.

After [my fall on the ice a few years ago](http://www.flyingsquirrel.ca/index.php/2007/03/19/winters-final-crushing-blow/), I started using [Yaktrax](http://www.yaktrax.com/walker), which I highly recommend. They’re a bit of a pain to get on, though.

So I left my house this morning debating whether I should put the Yaktrax on. I’d fallen during a dodgeball game last week and jammed my shoulder, so reaching down to pull these rubber things on my boots would probably hurt. I’d walked to work plenty of times without a problem, and it was just packed snow, really. It didn’t look like there was much ice.

But then I started thinking it would really suck if I re-injured my shoulder.

And that’s when I fell.

Damage seems to be minor. I landed on my knee first and went down slowly. But I’m going to see if I can book an appointment with my chiropractor today to make sure everything’s back where it should be.

Have I mentioned I hate winter?