I don’t really like the Olympics

Well, at the very least, I’m indifferent towards the Olympics.

As far as I’m concerned, sports already gets a disproportionate amount of time and attention in our society. It’s not important and, frankly, it’s actually pretty silly, if you stop to think about it. Yet it gets about a third of the total news coverage time and takes up a good chunk of the public airwaves.

And that’s okay, I guess. It’s a free market and people have their preferences. But given the number of people already paying attention, it doesn’t need me. My time is better spent elsewhere, I think. I have more important things to obsess about. Things like programming paradigms and Doctor Who toys.

So I absent myself from the universal “experience” that is the Olympics, but I get [Sylvester McCoy with umbrella accessory](http://doctorwhotoys.net/seventhdoctor.htm) in exchange. I think it’s worth it.

I (try not to) harp on people who get excited about the Olympics. That’s just not cool. It doesn’t do either of us any good for me to tell them the thing they’re so excited about is stupid. I get excited about stupid things too! And that’s okay.

What could have been

Oh, Adam, [this](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Giambrone#Mayoral_campaign) could have worked out so much better if you’d just read [[wiki:The Ethical Slut]]. Instead, I have to be subjected to the usual media tropes about philandering politicians.


Wouldn’t it have been more fun if his “live-in partner” could come out and say “Yeah, I know and I’m cool with it.” Of course, if everyone was cool with it, there would be no jilted lover [going to The Star to destroy his career](http://www.thestar.com/news/gta/torontomayoralrace/article/762532–adam-giambrone-says-sorry-for-affair-with-young-woman?bn=1). Let this be a lesson to us all.