I don’t really like the Olympics

Well, at the very least, I’m indifferent towards the Olympics.

As far as I’m concerned, sports already gets a disproportionate amount of time and attention in our society. It’s not important and, frankly, it’s actually pretty silly, if you stop to think about it. Yet it gets about a third of the total news coverage time and takes up a good chunk of the public airwaves.

And that’s okay, I guess. It’s a free market and people have their preferences. But given the number of people already paying attention, it doesn’t need me. My time is better spent elsewhere, I think. I have more important things to obsess about. Things like programming paradigms and Doctor Who toys.

So I absent myself from the universal “experience” that is the Olympics, but I get [Sylvester McCoy with umbrella accessory](http://doctorwhotoys.net/seventhdoctor.htm) in exchange. I think it’s worth it.

I (try not to) harp on people who get excited about the Olympics. That’s just not cool. It doesn’t do either of us any good for me to tell them the thing they’re so excited about is stupid. I get excited about stupid things too! And that’s okay.

6 thoughts on “I don’t really like the Olympics”

  1. Ok–I volunteer to be stupid! I not only watch the Olympics, I have my prized autographed program from the most recent pre-Olympic Womens’ hockey tour, plus souvenir t-shirts from 2010 AND 2002 (sadly, they didn’t visit my town for 2006). So there! Oh, but I laughed my head off about the flap with the Canadian Womens’ hockey team and their party issue. Maybe I should make action figures of them with cigar & beer accessories. hahaha! I could send you one to give to your sister as a gift ;>

  2. Btw, why do they call it a “Squirrel” model airplane? Sure, it’s a graceful flier, but it pretty much just looks like an airplane? Shouldn’t it have a cute little head & tail, and maybe an acorn in it’s mouth?

  3. Well, to be perfectly honest, chocolate trumps even the Olympics… perhaps we might compromise with that?

    Just to show my willingness to differ sans rancor, here’s some inspiration for you for next Christmas:


    So ok, this particular tree is Star Trek, not Doctor Who. However, talk about collectibles and their importance to a person…(need I mention that my own tree is usually adorned with hockey ornaments? hahaha!) And no, I bet my friend whose tree this is hasn’t tuned in once to the Olympics, either.

    Hm, I really must pay better mind to the company I keep, lest I become corrupted from my true self. A girl might gain a reputation! ;>

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