It’s May. I should post something

Not to belabour the obvious, but I’ve seriously gotten out of the habit of blogging. I’m not going to beat myself up over it or anything. Suffice to say I’m still around, and still doing stuff. I’m reasonably contented with my lot in general, so it’s not like I have lots of pent-up frustrations to vent about.

Little things, though:

  • Went to see Iron Man last night. The first movie I’ve seen in ages and ages. Well, since the film festival last year at least, but that’s a different sort of experience. I went with a couple people from work. Iron Man’s good, silly fun. Thus, I heartily recommend it.
  • We had a wonderful team-building exercise thing at work in Toronto on Tuesday. I suck at team-building exercises. This is probably not news. I took the opportunity to slip away and check out the windmill at the CNE grounds.
  • I finished Phantom Hourglass last night. Good little game. The side quests seem kinda tacked on, but it’s neat going around solving puzzles and collecting stuff. I never did figure out how to get to the chest on the first island, though. Maybe I should look that up, since it’s been taunting me since the beginning of the game.
  • I have Mario Kart for the Wii! I haven’t played that much, though. Supposedly it’s good for multi-player, but I’ve never been all that excited about playing against strangers on the Internets.

4 thoughts on “It’s May. I should post something”

  1. For the Wii? Do you have it for the DS? Because my daughter does–you could race her over the internet, and then you wouldn’t be playing with strangers! :P

    Oh, and very exciting–our local team (Spokane) just won the WHL championship, and is soon headed to your backyard, Kitchener, to play for the Memorial Cup. Both the Kitchener OHL team AND the Belleville OHL team will be in that same tournament. I wish I had the $$ to go, I’d come visit you! Oh, and watch some hockey too, of course. :)

  2. For the Wii. I don’t have the DS one. I’m pretty sure, though, that any teenager could beat me handily.

    Belleville lost to Kitchener in the OHL championships, which is kinda sad. But it looks like they’ll get a chance to redeem themselves in the Memorial Cup. I haven’t been paying a whole lot of attention, though. My parents are excited, but (apparently) that wasn’t enough to get them to come up and visit.

  3. Er. Sorry, dude. My boys beat your homies. Both of ’em (Belleville by 5-4 in OT yesterday, and today Kitchener 2-1). Go Spokane, yay! heeheehee (As for the parents, maybe you should buy ’em tickets and demand they come watch and visit! Oh, wait, you can only buy tickets as a package for over $500…um, nevermind…)

    So how’s the gardening this year? We went straight from snow (literally to the first day of May) to mid-summer-like heat (and I’m truly not joking!)…I’m guessing this isn’t going to be one of my better years for the yard. It went from “hm, the grass is finally getting green and a bit shaggy” and “I ought to start looking for flowers for my planters, but maybe only pansies in case it keeps freezing” to “holy crap! the lawn is fried! where is that hose & sprinkler???” sigh Hope you’re faring better :)

  4. Well, congratulations on your team winning the Memorial Cup. But did they really have to go and bust it like that? That was just rude.

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