Convention schedule 2008

I’m off to Ad Astra tonight. I’m mostly going to hang out with people. I like Ad Astra, though. I’ll probably drop in on a few readings and things. Also, it’s nice they have a webcomic guest, although I’ve never really read Schlock Mercenary.

I’ve been meaning to write down my con schedule for ’08, for my benefit as well as anyone else who might be reading…

Polaris is a bit iffy. I can’t honestly see myself bothering with CNAnime/whatever the hell they’re calling it this year.

I want to do the Ontario Linux Fest because I only heard about it this year after it was over, and it sounds like it would’ve been cool. I don’t even know if they’re going to do another one. Apparently the first one lost money.

That’s pretty much it. No exciting US cons this year. I think we’re all a bit busy.

Next year, though, I’m definitely planning on going to Worldcon in Montreal with Ellen.