Ubuntu LAN Party!

From Ubuntu LAN Party

[[Kwartzlab]] has been talking about throwing a LAN party for a while now. We’ve got power, a network and drinks, so it’s ideal. [Eric](http://kwartzlab.ca/blog/egerlach) and I got to talking, though, and with the [[Ubuntu]] stuff in Waterloo centered largely around Kwartzlab it would be extra awesome if it was a free software LAN party. Everything we play is open source and available through the Ubuntu repositories.

So he went off and [tested some games](http://kwartzlab.ca/mediawiki/index.php/LAN_Party_Event_Planning), made a live CD, set up a meta-package and we played some games.

Games we played, in rough order of awesome:

* [TeeWorlds](http://teeworlds.com/)
* [Hedge Wars](http://www.hedgewars.org/)
* [Armagetron 3D](http://armagetronad.net/)
* [OpenArena](http://openarena.ws/smfnews.php)
* [gtetrinet](http://gtetrinet.sourceforge.net/)
* [boswars](http://www.boswars.org/)
* [Pioneers](http://sourceforge.net/projects/pio/)

(Pioneers is awesome, but its reception was a bit disappointing, mainly because only Eric and I had ever played Settlers before. Generally, I think if you’re going to the trouble of getting people together in a room, you’re better off playing the boardgame. Over distances, with seasoned Settlers fans, it has much more potential).

We started small, limiting ourselves to Kwartzlab people and a few friends. But our goal is to get other Ubuntu groups involved, ideally culminating in a cross-country or international Ubuntu LAN party. Which is just awesome.