Functional Spec: [[Wiki Links]] WordPress plug-in

I’ve had some ideas for projects kicking around the back of my head for a while. Now that I have some free coding time, I’m planning on getting to them. Or, at the very least, I can document some of my thought processes around them so I can come back to them later, if painting my bedroom seems like a more valuable use of my time.

Think of this as a functional spec. Except (hopefully) more entertaining.

[[Wiki Links]]

There are a few wiki plug-ins out there for WordPress out there already, so in some sense, I’m re-inventing the wheel. I’ve looked at the code for some, though, and they don’t do quite what I want.

At the bare minimum, this plug-in will allow me to put double square brackets around words that correspond to existing Pages in my blog. Pages are a WordPress thing where you can have static, er, pages that aren’t blog entries. My (slim) about page, for example. I haven’t found them to be terribly useful as they are, but turn them into a wiki and maybe you have something.

For example, if I write this code in my blog:

See my About page.

You’d see this output:

See my About page.

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