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I have a houseguest.

Haru is going to be staying with me for a little while. Currently, he's up amongst the floor joists in the basement ceiling.

I'm assuming he'll eventually get bored or hungry and make his way down. He was up there when I got up the morning, having gotten in through an openning above the rec room window. He had knocked the drapes down and they were in the way of his safe landing space, so he seemed unhappy and unsure of how to get down. He managed to jump down on his when I moved the curtain rod, losing a couple tufts of fur in the process.

As I was plugging up that hole with a sleeping bag, though, he managed to find another way in through the laundry room. I wouldn't have thought he'd be so eager to get back in there. I've blocked that up with a pillow, and opened up a couple ceiling panels. The idea being that he should be able to get down (if he's brave), but he won't be able to get back up again. For the moment, though, he seems pretty content just to be up there. I haven't heard him moving around in a while, so I figure he's sleeping.

I've had a look around, and I don't think there are any bare wires or anything for him to electricute himself with. The wiring in the house is pretty good (except, you know, for the aluminum problem...). So I'm not really worried about him. I do have to go to work, though. So if he doesn't want to get down now, he's going to have to stay up there for a while.


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