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Can somebody explain to me the Wonder Twin Powers, closed fist, high-5 replacement hand gesture? Like where did it come from? And is it supposed to be like a bruised knuckle kind of thing? Are you supposed to hit the other person's hand really hard, or a light touch? Are you supposed to say something when you knock another guy's fist?

I'm assuming this cultural artifact emerged from one of the two things I will eternally fail to understand: sports or hip hop culture. I'm guessing high fives were considered lame at some point and people decided on a slightly subtler alternative. As a hopelessly nerdy white boy, I'd hoped I'd be exempt from these sorts of social bonding exercises. I'm utterly hopeless with them. But I figure if I know more, maybe I can fake them out into thinking maybe I'm more like one of them.

I didn't like high fives, either.


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