2008 in review

Well, 2008 was certainly interesting. Let’s do a quick year in review. This was my life, as seen through the blog:

January: My server was down.
February: I went looking for MP3 players.
March: Not much, but I went home for Easter and Ellen is awesome.
April: I finally got fed up and canceled my gym membership.
May: Anime North.
June: I discovered I no longer had a doctor.
July: Polaris.
August: Nothing, apparently.
September: An election and economic angst.
October: I lose my job.
November: job searching (which I don’t talk about), Barcamp, home improvement, Stratford and Wiki Links. I had a bit more spare time…
December: I start a new job (which I also haven’t talked about yet) and Christmas.

It makes me realize that most of the really significant stuff in my life doesn’t show up in the blog explicitly. It’s there. I see it. But only because I know what it is, and I can read between the lines. I suppose it’s kind of unfair that you can’t. But we’re all going to have to learn to live with that.

By far the most significant thing, of course, was losing my job. No small thing, that. If nothing else, it did settle a long-standing argument I’d been having with myself about whether I’d stayed at one place too long and should have moved on. I think in future I’ll be more cognizant of the signs and portents that I could kind of see then but are glaringly obvious now.

Those six weeks of joblessness have given me a fresh perspective on my life and my career. This is actually a good thing. I feel like I have much more of a direction now. I’m not entirely sure of the destination, but there’s more purpose to the journey.

I’m now working for a fairly small company in Kitchener named Miovision. It’s fascinating, and I can see a lot of challenge and opportunities there. It’s a slightly riskier move than a lot of places I could have settled on, but I think whichever way it goes, I’m better off with something like this than going for the safer option.

2008 also made it abundantly clear what a fantastic person Ellen is and how lucky I am to have her in my life. Without getting all mushy, she was the best part of every part of the year, and she single-handedly turned 2008 from what should have been a really crappy year into something really good. She’s my lovely alchemist.

New Year’s Eve

I’m throwing my usual New Year’s party tonight. I still have to vaccuum the living room, but I think I’m mostly ready at this point.

I’ve got three screens set up for video games or watching stuff, two tables set up for video games, and a couple more old Commodore monitors and an extra table available for overflow. I’ve got my nacho dip chilling in the fridge and meatballs simmering in the crock pot. The house is cleaner than it’s been all year (I actually ended up cleaning up some stuff left sitting around from last year’s party), I’m resplendent in holiday finery (heh) and I think everything’s ready to go. I just have to pick people up coming from out of town, rent some Wii games and wait for people to arrive.

I hope I have enough chairs.

Even though I’m not really a party person per se, I really like hosting these things. I get to show off a bit, and it gives me something to do. I do wish Ellen could come, but I’m glad to be surrounded by friends at New Year’s.