Another cat post

I promise this isn’t a trend. Really.

The mouse came back last night. Haru’s been wanting out in the garage periodically, and I’ve been indulging him, despite the mess he makes getting his dirty feet wet in the bathtub. I left him out there for a while last night before checking up on him. When I did, he was nowhere to be seen, and when I called to him, I heard a little squeak instead.

The poor mouse was terrified, and had stopped trying to run away. It was standing stock still. Haru was staring at it, pacing back and forth. Occasionally, he’d take a paw and pat at it, at which point the mouse would squeak, scurry two inches and stand stock still again. Not an optimal survival technique, but Haru didn’t seem too interested in actually eating him.

I scooped him up in a kitty litter bucket and drove him out to the far end of UW’s north campus. When I dropped him out in the grass, he stood stock still there, as well, looking up at me. I’m not optimistic about his survival chances, but at least he’s out of my garage, and I didn’t have to personally draw blood.

In other kitty news, Haru has a dentist appointment on Tuesday. He’s getting a couple teeth pulled due to [neck lesions]( Poor thing.