Some thoughts on social media 1/?: Tweetdeck

It finally happened. Elon finally noticed Tweetdeck still exists. I’d kinda stuck around Twitter saying that if Tweetdeck goes, I go. And Tweetdeck is going. So I’m off.

Tweetdeck was always great, because every stupid thing that Twitter users complained about happening to their UI didn’t happen there. I had a reverse chronological feed of tweets from people I followed. And that’s it. No ads, no Nazis (mostly), nothing else. And I could add a bunch of lists for special interests that made me happy, like Doctor Who or Lego or Star Wars or whatever, that I wouldn’t have followed directly. It was great.

New Tweetdeck does most of these things, but no way am I paying Elon to ride Twitter into the depths of Hell. So I’m out.

I’ve got some more thoughts on things now that I’ve been mucking around with Mastodon a bit more, I have some more thoughts on Fediverse things, but maybe I’ll spin those off to separate posts. A blog series! I haven’t done one of those in ages!

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  1. @Darcy I'm playing around with the ActivityPub plugin here, and it looks like comments work. So if you want to comment on my blog, you'll need to get on Mastodon (or another ActivityPub-complient service… I'll talk about it) and reply to @Darcy there.

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