Quarantine Diary, Day 974: Toot

I don’t know if you knew this about me, but Twitter’s been kind of a big part of my life for 15ish years. And, as a result of events you might have heard of, I’m feeling a bit adrift in relation to it.

This feeling isn’t entirely new. Twitter’s been a less happy place for me for quite a while, even though I still think I get a lot of value from it. I’ve felt, however, that it may be time to branch out. Look for new horizons. That sort of thing.

Totally unprompted, I can assure you.

I’ve joined Mastodon. I’m @flyingsquirrel, if you’re somewhere in the fediverse and want to follow my nonsense there.

I might talk about this stuff more. Or maybe not! I may end up rebuilding the Mastodon instance that Ellen inherited last year but we haven’t had time to properly get up and running. We’ve been busy.

Did I mention we’ve had a baby? No, I see that I haven’t. He’s a year old now. Amazing!

Twitter sapped most of my blogging urges over the last 15 years, and this probably isn’t going to help. But who knows! This blog is also on the fediverse now. You can follow it at @Darcy! Get all three posts a year as soon as they happen! If you don’t already have an RSS reader, I guess.