Sense8 character collage


Finished season 1 of Sense8. It is not a good show. It’s self-indulgent and nonsensical, brimming with melodrama and an unearned sense of its own importance.

I loved it anyway.

I think because I really just like the characters. ¬†You spend a lot of time with them. ¬†They all lead improbably complicated and dangerous lives. ¬†You’ve got a Chicago cop, kick-ass Korean MMA fighter lady, Kenyan bus driver (which, it turns out, is more complicated and dangerous than it sounds), Icelandic DJ in London, trans-woman computer hacker in San Francisco, Indian research doctor and bride-to-be, German jewel thief and Mexican telenovella star. ¬†And they can each channel each others abilities. ¬†It’s a 90s or 2000s graphic novel quasi-superhero story.

And the fact that one of them is a telenovella star is the subtle hint that tells you how to frame this thing. ¬†It’s¬†supposed¬†to be a crazy fantasy story. ¬†So just go with it.

I do wish it spent more time digging into the science fictional premise. ¬†But that’s my taste.

So much of this show is utterly ridiculous. ¬†Bits of it are pointlessly gratuitous (in various senses). ¬†I can’t justify liking it as much as I do. ¬†But I do.