Big Day for Classic Doctor Who fans

I woke up to this video this morning:

It pretty much made my day. I won’t spoil it until after the cut…

The Eighth Doctor! :D

Paul McGann as the Doctor

And it even mentions the Big Finish companions!

Steven Moffat gives a rather nice interview about it here.

Figuring you might be thinking to yourself “WTF is a ‘C’rizz’?” Big Finish has kindly offered a good chunk of their 8th Doctor audios for a discounted price to sate your curiosity. I think they are wonderful and well worth listening to, so I’m happy to pass this along.

If that weren’t enough, the BBC also released a trailer for An Adventure in Space and Time, a dramatization of the first few years of the production of Doctor Who, which I’m looking forward to about as much as I’m looking forward to the The Day of the Doctor.

And finally, Big Finish also announced that Lalla Ward is coming back as Romana, teaming up once again with her “favourite Doctor Who monster,” Tom Baker! :D And along with new stories, they’re going to be dramatizing more Virgin novels from the 90s! Hurray!