The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who

An afternoon with Philip Hinchcliffe

We’re just about a month away from Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary (November 23rd, or “Doctor Who Day,” as I have it in my calendar every year). I’m pretty excited.

This weekend I went to Toronto for [Who Party Toronto’s ‘A Day with Philip Hinchcliffe’]( It was the first time I’d been to one of their smaller events (I’d been to their larger one-day Who Party conventions a couple times. This was small, intimate and a lot of fun. I ended up buying the special edition of [Robots of Death]( for Mr Hinchcliffe to sign, since I only had the original region 2 DVD (which was the one of the first DVDs they released back in 1998 or something). I’ve got a lot of respect for Philip Hinchcliffe’s era of Doctor Who (essentially Tom Baker’s first 3 years). And had to get in a question about [the line he’s producing for Big Finish](, coming out next year starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson as Leela, because that’s just awesome.

In a couple week’s I’ll be back in Toronto for [Reversed Polarity](, a weekend-long convention by the people who did Polaris and Toronto Trek. I always loved Toronto Trek. I went to Toronto Trek III.

Funny story: when I went to Toronto Trek III, I went to the Doctor Who news panel, hosted by [DWIN]( and asked whether the Valeyard would be coming back. Because I thought the whole idea of an evil version of the 12th or 13th Doctor was an awesome idea. I now note that we will have reached the 12th (or possibly 13th) Doctor. Hm…

Anyway, I’ve got a hotel room for Reversed Polarity and everything. And I’ve signed up to do a bunch of panels. Ellen will be joining me on Saturday, but I’m not sure I know anyone else who’s going. But I’ll find out, I guess. I’m looking forward to it. You can probably expect a con report, even though I’ve been bad at doing those lately.

For the actual anniversary itself, I hear they are probably going to be showing the 50th anniversary special in theatres in Canada. I suspect that means Toronto. I was thinking about throwing a party, but as I don’t have cable, I’d have to wait to be able to watch it by other means. Right now my plan is to wait and see what’s showing where.