If you came to this blog for a couple hours on Saturday, you might have noticed I’d somehow allied myself with some Moroccan or Indonesian hacker collective. Rest assured that this was not me.

If you came to this blog any time between then and now, you might have felt that you’d travelled back in time to the dark days of 1998. Dark in terms of web backgrounds, anyway. (Admittedly, I wasn’t particularly happy at the time either, but that’s another story).

But we’re back now. Temporarily, at least. Oh, the blog will still be around, but I’m toying with the idea of replacing WordPress with something less hackable. More on that if it ever actually happens.

Anyway, hi, I just thought I’d let you know I was still around. Welcome back to 2013. I don’t have all my old theme and plugins re-installed or anything, so the sites a little bare, but I’m still here at the very least.

2 thoughts on “hax0red”

  1. On a related note… DISQUS (http://disqus.com/) would at least let you shut off WordPress comments to reduce your user fed inputs… (and it’s portable if you want to jump to something else later…)

    [Also worth mentioning, at least 2 WP hacks I’ve seen had nothing to do with WordPress and were actually compromises in the Control Panel software that let miscreants in to the database directly… The attack just happened to be targeted at WordPress/Joomla databases…]

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