Had to resort to coffee today

Two cups, 8oz., half-decaf. Feel like utter crap now. As usual. You’d think I’d learn.

Except I actually got some stuff done today, dealing with “customer” issues and hairier-than-usual test scenarios. So there’s that. But my skin’s crawling and my head’s fuzzy and I have a [[Kwartzlab]] board meeting tonight.

Me and caffeine have been on the outs for a few years now. Used to be it wouldn’t phase me at all. Now I can’t even have a nice black tea without having to curl up in a ball an hour or so later. I mean, it’s probably for the best, but sometimes it’s useful to self-medicate. Like today.

2 thoughts on “Had to resort to coffee today”

  1. You have my sympathies!

    I’ve had an on again, off again relationship with caffeine (mostly off at this point, which I suppose is a good thing…)…

    Jill recommends yerba mate (some tea shops like Teavana sell it). It’s got caffeine in it (though it was traditionally known as mateine, presumably because it was thought to be a different substance?) and some other stuff… Supposed to be more gentle (or so say some).

    [Of course, ideally avoiding stimulants (and the need) is better still, but I’d like to see that world! :-)]

    After digging a bit, I remember ginseng is supposed to have some pep, and guarana comes up too (which is apparently caffeine in sheep’s clothing… I guess like yerba mate).

    In any event, best of luck living out the buzz.

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