I’m on vacation!

Things to do before the end of the week:

* Spend more time with Ellen (very important)
* Help co-ordinate [[Kwartzlab]]’s move to our new location.
* Write up a press release about Kwartzlab’s Trillium grant acquisition
* Take Ellen to visit her grandmother.
* Plan the Kwartzlab grand opening.
* Invite MPPs to said grand opening for Trillium announcement slash press event.
* Eat left-over Chinese food from Monday’s party.
* Relax a bit.

One thought on “I’m on vacation!”

  1. Hey!

    Good to hear!

    Looks like a good list!

    (I should have made one, but with Christmas and New Year’s actually in my holiday, that pretty much wrote my list for me.)

    Here’s hoping the first and last items get the time they need!


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