Dear Blog

I still love you. Really, I do. It’s just that between work and Kwartzlab and Ellen (who continues to be awesome), it’s like I haven’t had time for you.

I know, that’s just an excuse. If I really loved you, I’d make time. It shouldn’t be like this, but would you even believe me if I promised to do better? We all know how that goes, in the end.

No! No, I’d never break up with you. Really, I… I just need more time, that’s all.

You’ll forgive me?

Don’t be like that, of course you have a choice.

Honey, Twitter and I are just friends! You know that.

Wait! I know you’re upset, just… wait!

Come back!

I haven’t…


Never mind.

2 thoughts on “Dear Blog”

  1. I know that there are other things that keep him busy, I hope at least. An awesome girlfriend is the best reason (not an excuse) anyway. Enjoy life!

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