Writer of the Daleks

An open letter to [[wiki:Nicholas Briggs]], executive producer for [Big Finish](http://bigfinish.com) and voice of the [[wiki:Daleks]] on Doctor Who:

> Dear Mr Briggs,
> I recently had the opportunity to re-listen to the [Dalek Empire](http://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/released/dalek-empire) series and was once again taken aback not just by the masterful story-telling and compelling human drama, but also by the portrayal of the Daleks. It occurred to me that you, sir, have a better understanding of the Daleks than any living writer who has dared undertake them. Dare I say, I believe you have shown a better understanding of what the Daleks are and why they are a true menace than even Terry Nation himself, the man who created them.
> It further occurred that the Daleks on television seem to have lost their way. After [[wiki:Robert Shearman|Mr Shearman]]’s brilliantly realized *[Dalek](http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Dalek_%28TV_story%29)*, they’ve gotten a bit silly again.
> I don’t demean in the slightest the formidable skills of the Doctor Who television writing team. In my opinion, the Daleks have never quite lived up to their full potential on television. What is needed, I think, is a true expert to provide the standard to which future writers can aspire. That expert, Mr Briggs, is you. I believe the time has come for you to give voice to the Daleks in the one way that matters most: as their writer for television.
> Think of it! A pair of episodes modelled after your [Dalek Empire stories in the main range](http://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/released_reverse/monthly-series?filter[1]=&filter[2]=Daleks&filter[3]=&filter[12]=&free_search=&release_number=&release_start_month=&release_start_year=1999&release_end_month=&release_end_year=2001), where the Doctor, as necessary, wins the day but where there is a true victory of the Daleks. And then, having restored themselves to their former glory, the way is paved for a series of Dalek Empire spin-off serials which showcase the true menace of the Daleks when the Doctor isn’t there to save us. Proper sci-fi space adventures of the sort so sadly lacking on television these days.
> And what could be more fitting for Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary year than a celebration of the creation which made the show a hit? After all, Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary is the Daleks’ as well.
> Please be sure to pass my proposal along to [[wiki:Steven Moffat|Mr Moffat]] when next you see him. You may assure him that you were reluctantly driven to make this suggestion on behalf of your mutual fans, and that it is in no way mere crass self-promotion on your part. Thus assured, I have every confidence that he will see the wisdom of this idea and give us a 50th anniversary of the Daleks which lives up to the high standards we Big Finish listeners have for the Doctor’s greatest foe.

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