Ubuntu Global Jam, April 2

[I'm going to Ubuntu Global Jam!]Ubuntu Waterloo is hosting our third Ubuntu Global Jam, Saturday, April 2 at Kwartzlab.

The Global Jam is a worldwide event to make Ubuntu better. Ubuntu 11.04, the Natty Narwhal will be released in a little over a month and the Global Jam give the community (that’s us) a chance to help find bugs, triage them and fix them.

Starting at 2pm, we’ll have an informal open space conference on the theme of contributing to Ubuntu (and open source in general) in the afternoon. If you have experience or questions, please bring them. In the evening, we can embark on whatever exciting project we were inspired to do in the afternoon.

Join us and help make Ubuntu better!


A couple days ago, I gave a presentation on Clutter (the API for building animated graphical user interfaces for touchscreens and the like) to [KWLUG](kwlug.org). Here’s a shorter, screencast version of the presentation:

The slides themselves were created in python with Clutter. You can pull the source down from launchpad with `bzr branch lp:~dscassel/+junk/clutter-presentation/` if you have bzr.