Tenth Anniversary

Ten years ago today, I posted my first blog post.

Okay, technically, that was on my old, hand-coded blog, and I’m lame even after almost 4 years, I haven’t imported my old blog into this one, but woo! 10 years!

Equally technically, I was posting something like blog posts on my old homepage, starting around 1998 or so. They weren’t archived or anything, I’d just insert a couple paragraphs between <hr> tags on whatever I happened to feel like writing about at the time, replacing whatever was there before. No, not a blog, but my blog was an extension of that.

My ideas about blogging have changed quite a bit. I originally wanted a place I could write anonymously about whatever I felt like. Then I decided that blogging anonymously was horribly pretentious and nobody actually cared. Now I’ve got Twitter satiating most of what used to drive me to blog. That’s my current excuse for why I don’t hang out here quite as much, anyway.

Ten years. That’s a long time.

Neil Gaiman beat me by a week.

3 thoughts on “Tenth Anniversary”

  1. Hey!


    From humble beginnings (or even pretentious ones, if you like)… 10 years is a good run!

    Here’s to another 10!

  2. Great work. I’ve been blogging for a long time too but only went public last year. Blogging just becomes a way of life after a while. Twitter I’m not really getting.

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