Maverick Meerkat!

Another six months, another Ubuntu release party!

Holly was wonderful and decorated a maverick meerkat cake for us again. Ubuntu 10.10 was released on 2010-10-10 (at 10:10am). But that was Thanksgiving, so we had our party the next weekend, on the 16th.

We had a bunch of people come out to Kwartzlab for the party. Turnout wasn’t quite up to previous parties, since I didn’t have much time to publicize, due to Thanksgiving and other things. But it was a good time.

The next day, on Sunday, I went to Toronto for the Ubuntu Toronto release party at Linuxcaffe. Leigh organized it, and Bob and Laurel also came down from Waterloo region.

Coincidentally, we had our Ubuntu Canada IRC meeting the same day. Leigh was kind enough to host us and provide wifi at Hacklab.

Photos by me and lothlaurien.