Twelfth Night in the Square and Taming of the Shrew

Quick note to say Ellen and I hope to go to see [Twelfth Night in Waterloo Public Square]( next week, Wednesday, July 21 at 7:30 (although they advise showing up a half-hour before the show. Tickets are pay-what-you-can, but you can access reserved seating for a set price.

Peter Nichol, a.k.a. Dr Chronopolis in [The Red Panda Adventures]( will be playing Sir Toby Belch. I’m a big fan of The Red Panda (and also his sidekick, The Flying Squirrel).

It’s cheap (or possibly free if you like). You should come too.

Then, on Thursday, we’ll be in Elmira for [Taming of the Shrew]( The production features Nick Oddson and Jonathan Dietrich, two of my co-workers, who also happen to be Royal Medieval Faire regulars.

Oh, and we’re planning on going to Stratford lots too.

Update (2010-07-22 – Pie approximation day!): We went to see Twelfth Night last night and it was lovely, save for the Harley Davisons which thundered by every five minutes. Seriously guys, obnoxiousness does not make you cool. Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll miss Taming of the Shrew tonight as the Shrew in question has been tamed by [some sort of horrible stomach flu or something]( We may try this weekend…