The Day the Internet Lies*

April Fools Day was maybe kind of fun for a while, but now it just bugs me.

There’s no point in reading anything, because even if it’s true, you can’t believe it. I’m not even complaining about the quality of the humour. There are some jokes–a very few–that are really clever and funny. But it’s not worth the frustration.

So I’m out. Tomorrow, April 1st, I am taking a day off from the World Wide Web. Blogs, Twitter, RSS feeds, all ignored for the day. I’ll still be accessible on email, IM and so on, but no content. If you post something momentous or cool tomorrow, sorry, but you’re going to have to tell me about it later. I’m fasting.

I’m actually finding myself looking forward to turning it all off for 24 hours. It’s been a while since I disconnected myself like this (with no intention of catching up later). I’m thinking it’ll be kind of fun.

* Not that the Internet doesn’t lie on other days, of course. April 1 is just the day when it’s the most blatant and annoying.