Local Transportation Stuff and The 100

Hilary asked me to be on The 100 this week to talk about local transportation issues.

Which is awesome. But I can’t believe I forgot to mention TriTAG.

The 100 is a podcast about local culture, events and issues (roughly in that order), coming out of Ideas Transform. I know Bevan from Kwartzlab and I’d met the other hosts through CultureCamp (in person, anyway).

They asked me to come chat about transportation and urban design issues, since I’ve been writing about that a lot on WWBA lately:

I think it’s a good chat, but I feel like I left a lot out. Ah well. Follow me on WWBA and maybe I’ll flesh out the ideas a bit more. I am happy I got a plug in for Richard’s OpenStreetMap meetups.

The 100 is awesome. If you’d like to subscribe to the podcast, Will Spaetzel‘s fantastic Castroller service has automatically generated a podcast feed. I’m prodding Hilary and Bevan to get it into the iTunes store, hopefully in the next week or two.

3 thoughts on “Local Transportation Stuff and The 100”

  1. You do need to use as bit of a trick to get CastRoller’s feed for the podcast. The regular subscribe link just goes to the original feed, which in this case doesn’t have enclosures so it won’t work in iTunes.

    You need to subscribe to http://castroller.com/podcasts/The100/audio/feed

    That tells CastRoller that you want a filtered feed that contains only the audio episodes of that podcast, if you left off the /audio part, CastRoller would redirect you back to to Ning again.

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