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I’ve been trying to get more into Ubuntu lately. Not just running it, but getting involved.

I like Ubuntu. I like the software; I like the ethos; I like the community; I like how it’s catching on with people. There’s lots of things to like. I haven’t been this excited and enthusiastic about a computing platform since my old Amiga days. Rather than just basking in my enthusiasm, I want to do something about it. I want to contribute.

So I’ve been poking around the various ways to get involved. I was sitting in on some of the Ubuntu Open Week sessions last month, looking in occasionally when they were talking about things that looked interesting. In one of the community sessions, I asked what you could do when your LoCo (Ubuntu Canada, in this case) doesn’t have much of a presence in your area. I didn’t get much of an answer, but I did start up a bit of a conversation with some other Ubuntu people in Southern Ontario.

So coincidentally, the next week was Ontario Gnu/Linux Fest. Ralph, one of the KWLUG people, was asking around for people to help out with the Ubuntu table. And since I wanted to promote my release party, I volunteered.

I got to hang out with other KWLUG Ubuntu people, and they showed up for my party the next week. We talked a little about starting up a more local LoCo. Ralph went off to UDS in Dallas and talked to the Ubuntu Canada people there. The result of that discussion is the Kitchener/Waterloo Chapter of the Ubuntu Canada LoCo.

So far, we have 12 people signed up. As of right now, we know we’ll be participating in the Ubuntu Global Jam early in 2010. What we do beyond that, we’re still working on figuring out as a group. I’m just happy that we’re building this local group I can explore this whole Ubuntu thing with. I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Tink! Glad you’re still around. I have putting a bit more effort into the blog as one of my resolutions things to do next year.

    Hope you and Jr. are doing well. :)

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