Karmic Koala Release Party

So me and some folks at [kwartzlab](http://kwartzlab.ca/) (as well as the [KW Linux Users Group](http://kwlug.org/)) are getting together on Thursday to celebrate the release of [Ubuntu](http://ubuntu.com) 9.10, the Karmic Koala.

[Details at the Kwartzlab site](http://kwartzlab.ca/karmic) if you’re interested in attending.

I run Ubuntu at home on all my computers now. Well… nearly all. It’s come along way in the last few years, to the point where it’s making me feel at home and content in an operating system again. I’m also feeling like I want to contribute to the community. So the party seems like a nice way to do that a bit. Plus, I kinda want to see who’s around here, maybe build a local community where we can participate.

I’m a member of Kwartzlab, and I think they’re an awesome group of people. This is one of the things I’m hoping to do to get more involved in the lab. Another is showing up on Tuesday Open Nights and just working on projects. That’s what Tuesday Open Nights are for, after all.

And *maybe* I can bring it all together and hack on some Ubuntu-related projects in the ‘Lab…

Kwartzlab Grand Opening

[Kwartzlab](http://kwartzlab.ca) is a club, a collective, a shared idea, and a place. The idea sprang up when [Mike Hiemstra put out the call on his blog](http://mghiemstra.com/our-area-needs-a-hackerspace) back in March. Since then, folks got together, had lots and lots of meetings, incorporated, leased some space and have been spending the last few weeks turning a little bit of the old Boehmer Box Factory into a place where people can go, commune with like-minded folks and make stuff.

Tonight’s the [Grand Opening](http://kwartzlab.ca/events/2009-10-01/kwartzlab-grand-opening).

I’ve been sort-of involved since the beginning. I’m a member, ‘cuz I really want this thing to take off. Just being around these folks is really inspiring, and I’m hoping I can contribute something to the group.

Come check out the space tonight. They’ve put a lot of work into it and it’s night and day from the way they found it. See some cool projects, and chat with some great people. It’ll be a lot of fun.