Late September Bullets

Let’s clear out some links and ideas and things with a bullet post.

* Things have been a little hectic lately. Hence no posts. Sorry about that. Have to get back into the habit of posting regularly.
* Also, recent job searches have reinforced my inner critic. I’m settling in at Open Text, and people are really cool here, so I think I can relax a bit and get back to posting.
* Got back from [Liz and Chris’ wedding]( last night. It was lovely, and I’m glad Ellen and I could be there. And it was awesome to get the gang back together.
* For reasons to complicated to go into here, Ellen and I stayed stayed over night in Montreal.
* All in all, I drove about 1800km this weekend. I think that’s a record. I’m still recovering.
* One nice thing is I’m now all caught up on [Big Finish Doctor Who audios](
* Went to TIFF the previous weekend (and briefly the one before that). Saw three movies: [The Trotsky](, [Bad Lietenant]( and [Ong Bak 2]( All three were good in their own way. The Trotsky was wonderful.
* Helped out with the [Royal Medieval Faire]( again, just doing little volunteer jobs. May or may not do it again next year. I’ve got a lot of stuff going on right now. Speaking of…
* [Kwartzlab](! I’m a member, and haven’t been quite as involved in the initial build-out as I wanted to be. The grand opening is Thursday! And I can’t go. *insert frowny face*. But! I’ve got some cool project ideas I need to find time to work on.
* I’m working on [throwing together]( a [release party for Ubuntu 9.10]( in the ‘Lab.
* Tonight I’m debating whether I should help out at the ‘lab, go to [DevHouse]( or get groceries. I think I have to get groceries. :/
* A bunch of other stuff happened since Worldcon (the subject of my last post), but you should probably just be following me on [Twitter]( for bullet-equivalents. Just check the sidebar!
* Anything you’d like me to write about?