Ad Astra 2009

I like Ad Astra. It’s a cute little con.

Got in last night. I was giving Holly a ride so I decided to take off early. Unfortunately, I forgot that I promised I’d also give Eric and Alex a ride. Oops. I was just passing under the 427 when I got Eric’s call asking when I could pick them up. They were able to catch a ride into town later, though, so that worked out okay. Which is good, since I’m staying in their room.

Friday night was mostly just hanging out. I ran into some surprising people. Today I’ll probably sit in on some readings and things.


  • I’ve signed Eric and myself up for the D&D 4e game tonight, so I’ll finally get to try that out. I haven’t played D&D in ages. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Tamora Pierce gives a shout-out to Sventlana Chmakova. Wishes she’d write more Dramacon. :D
  • Good creative writing panel about overcoming creative blocks and distractions. I’m finding that stuff relevant to coding stuff as well.
  • Was hoping to sit down for a game of D&D 4e (was going to play a cat girl avenger). A medical emergency prevented that from happening. Looks like everyone’s probably okay, but we were a bit shaken by it all.