Merry Christmas, one and all

And a Happy Boxing Day too.

I got into Belleville Christmas Eve, and I’ve probably been eating ever since. Since my grandmother died, my mom has made it a tradition to have people over to her house for Christmas Eve. This, of course, involves lots of food. Christmas was nice. After presents and so forth, we started working through leftovers from the night before. My sister and brother-in-law headed back home to Ottawa, leaving more for the rest of us. And then there was Christmas dinner.

Today, I’ve mostly been grazing off whatever’s available. I really ought to stop. I’ve been feeling a little queasy. Except my aunt and uncle are having us over for a buffet in a couple hours.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, one and all”

  1. Boxing day. Hm. Called so because you spend that day boxing up all the gifts you aren’t going to use, and store them until you either a)give them to charity or b)re-gift them?

    Or because that is the day you get into repeated bouts with all the other people at the stores returning gifts for credit or exchange or maybe just capitalizing on the post-holiday sales?

  2. Apparently nobody really knows why it’s called that. Possibly something nice to do with the feast of St Stephen and giving gift boxes to the needy… But I think you’re probably right that it has more to do with punching people in malls.

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