Part of me desperately wants to write about current events (which would naturally devolve into politics, sadly, but it’s the nature of the times). Unfortunately every time I try to write something or thing of something to write, I find myself coming off like a horribly insufferable little partisan weasel, of the sort I generally want to punch when I hear them talking.

I hate that.

I’d really like to write something edifying and possibly moving. Something I could be proud of. Instead, I seem to want to write another pointless blog post about how the other guy was wrong and I was right and you should all be amazed at how clever I am.

I don’t feel particularly clever, though. I like to think I have as reasonable grasp on things as any reasonable citizen who isn’t directly involved but pays enough attention. Except I know there’s all sorts of shit going on I don’t know about. The media sucks. Nobody really seems to know much of anything. They’re writing reams and reams to make it look like they do. I don’t want to join them.

I want to write long screeds about the evils of market fundamentalism. But then I realize (a) I’m probably preaching to the choir and (b) it probably doesn’t matter. Except it kinda does. There are crazy market fundamentalists out there right now who despite all the evidence around them persist. And those guys still have the nerve to ask you to vote for them.

I’d recommend you don’t, for what it’s worth.

I’d go into why, but then I just end up getting frustrated again. You know, partisan bullshit that I can’t adequately prove anyway.

This sounds really depressing, doesn’t it? I should probably post about Doctor Who toys or something. That would be a much better idea than hitting “Publish.”